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10 June 2021

The Canon EOS C300 MKIII and EOS C500 MKII have now been added to Canon Test drive.

The Canon EOS C300 Mark III features a new DGO sensor that enhances HDR output exceeding 16-stops of dynamic range, configurable design – similar to that of the EOS C500 Mark II - and ability to record up to 120fps in 4K Cinema RAW Light or XF-AVC. Such features make the EOS C300 Mark III the perfect choice for those looking to produce everything from documentaries and commercials to corporate videos and dramas.

The EOS C500 Mark II is a compact and versatile 5.9K Full Frame camera, and the first Cinema EOS System camera to feature a user interchangeable lens-mount for EF Cinema Lock, and PL, giving professionals a wide variety of lens selection. It is also the first Cinema EOS System camera to support Electronic IS. The EOS C500 Mark II’s impressive Full Frame sensor, developed and built by Canon, is powered by Canon’s new DIGIC DV 7 processor. Supporting 5.9K internal Cinema RAW Light and 4K 4:2:2 10bit XF-AVC recording, this camera enables professionals to creatively explore Full Frame, cinematic image.

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Canon EOS C300 Mk III    Canon EOS C500 Mk II