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Deposit and Insurance
Deposit and Insurance
I see I am required to pay a security deposit, why is this?

A. The security deposit is a holding deposit against the total value of the equipment you are evaluating. In the event the equipment is damaged, or components lost whilst in your care, the cost of repair/replacements will be debited from the deposit.  If the cost of missing/damaged parts exceed your deposit, the outstanding balance will need to be paid in full immediately.

In the event of loss, theft or damages exceeding the value of your deposit, you could be liable for the full cost of the equipment.

Can somebody else pay my deposit?

A. The security deposit must be paid using a credit card in the same name as the booking and registered to the delivery address.

When do I need to pay the deposit?

A. You will be asked to make payment at the time of placing your order if the equipment is due to be dispatched within 7 days. If you are booking more than 7 days before the equipment is due to leave us, you will be sent a payment reminder 7 days before dispatch and are required to log into your account and make the deposit payment in order for equipment to be released.

When will I receive my deposit refund?

A. Once your order has been unpacked and checked and, assuming there are no missing or broken items on the return of the equipment, your deposit will be refunded immediately. Please note, whilst the deposit is refunded promptly, most banks need a little time to process refunds, but you should see the money back in your account or on your card within 1–5 working days.

If there are missing or broken items on the return of the equipment, we will contact you to discuss the matter in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.

Do I need to insure the equipment?

A. We always recommend people have insurance for their total peace of mind. You can either temporarily add the equipment to an existing policy or, if you don’t have an existing policy but would like cover, we would recommend our preferred supplier Performance Film & Media Insurance, click here for details.

Please note, depending on the value or intended use of the equipment we may insist on goods being fully insured whilst in your care. If this affects an order you place, we'll notify you as soon as possible. Try The Kit may request proof you have insurance cover for the equipment whilst it is in your care and reserve the right to cancel an order should the cover be inadequate or if no proof of insurance is provided.