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Canon TS-E 24mm f/3.5L II

A wide-angle tilt-and-shift lens, providing controlled plane of focus for architecture and interiors

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The TS-E 24mm f/3.5L II is a professional L-series tilt and shift lens well-suited to architecture and interior photography. With up to ± 8.5° of tilt for focus control and ±12 mm of shift, you can adjust perspective and composition for the perfect shot. Tilt and shift movements can be rotated independently of each other, allowing perspective and depth of field to be controlled separately, enhancing the flexibility of the lens.


  • A professional L-series wide-angle prime lens with optical movements for perspective control, perfect for architecture and interior shots
  • Adjust focus detail in macro shots with 1:2 ratio
  • Precise movements in the plane of focus with ±8.5° of tilt, ±12 mm shift and ±90° of rotation
  • Aspherical and UD lens elements minimise chromatic aberration while Subwavelength Structure Coating minimises ghosting and flare
  • Compatible with all Canon DSLR cameras and EOS-M mirrorless cameras with an EF-EOS M Mount adapter




Description Quantity
Back Cap1
E-82mm Lens Cap1
EW-88B Lens Hood1
82mm UV Filter1
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