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Canon CN-E70-200mm T4.4 L IS KAS S

The Canon CN-E70-200mm T4.4 L IS KAS S cine-servo lens boasts high-end features and a smooth, precise zoom – unlocking new options for professionals. Designed for 4K

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Large format EF-mount lens, built to accommodate a range of production applications, this advanced, lightweight lens delivers excellent optics and is designed for 4K.

Incredible accuracy

With a powerful native optical zoom of 2.8x, precise focus and servo zoom functions, the CN-E70-200 opens up a variety of shooting opportunities. Even when the zoom is changed, the optics stay perfectly in focus, making it ideal for single users needing to quickly alter the shot without switching the lens, such as when newsgathering or shooting documentaries.

Designed to function with Canon EF mount DSLRs and compatible detachable-lens video cameras, the CN-E70-200 leverages a wide range of mount functions and super-fast autofocusing (AF). Powerful Dual Pixel CMOS AF enables a quick and accurate focus via a single button push (one-shot AF), while continuous AF allows for a subject to be tracked with no loss of focus, making it ideal for capturing wildlife footage.

4K optical quality

Canon’s heritage in optical design and performance means the CN-E70-200 has super accurate resolving power – maintaining quality from the middle of the lens to the edge. The modulation transfer function has been specifically enhanced for the requirements of 4K cameras and with colour balance matched to other Canon cinema EOS lenses, the CN-E70-200 delivers exceptional image quality – whether filming in 4K or HD.


Outstanding optics

High-quality cine performance without compromise – the versatile CN-E70-200 offers 2.85x optical zoom and 4K-optimised image & colour technology.

EF-mount compatibility

Integration with Canon’s EF-mount cameras allows the lens to benefit from advanced autofocus, three modes of image stabilisation and peripheral illumination correction.

Beautiful, balanced bokeh

Thanks to its 9-blade iris, the CN-E70-200 delivers a rounded, smooth bokeh effect, helping users to produce captivating, attention-grabbing footage.

Reduced focal breathing

Built specifically for video production, this cine-servo lens minimises focal breathing, returning consistently high-quality capture throughout the entire zoom range.

Canon ZSG-C10 remote zoom grip

Canon ZSG-C10 remote zoom grip offers fluid zoom control, a dedicated one-shot AF button and the flexibility to use handheld – shoulder-mounted or with a tripod





Canon COMPACT-SERVO 70-200mm Wedding Footage - Boffo Video

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Allen Key1
Back Cap1
iM2200 Black Flight Case1
ZSG-C10 Remote Zoom Grip1
1/4 Mounting Bracket With 2 Allen Key Screws1
E-77 II Lens Cap1
Lens Hood for CN-E 70-200mm1
Grip Mounting Bracket with 2 Allen Key Screws1
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