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Canon Speedlite EL-1

Canon Speedlite EL-1 an advanced Speedlite that delivers superb reliability and advanced high-speed performance in a tough weather-resistant body.

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Fast, precise and dependable, the Speedlite EL-1 delivers the performance pros need when the pressure is on, with a 0.9 sec recycle time to full power. Perfect for red-carpet events and weddings, as well as photojournalists looking for speed and reliability. The EL-1’s next-level performance is underpinned by an advanced Li-ion battery and internal active cooling for up to 170 full-power flashes in a continuous burst². A guide number³ of 60 m lights up distant subjects and large groups and a 24-200mm zoom head matches the light coverage to the lens you’re using. A 14mm wide-angle diffuser is also included. The EL-1 is water- and dust-resistant and a charge indicator lets you know when it’s time to change battery. The EL-1 can also be fired off-camera with optical or radio-frequency triggers.


  • Always ready for the next shot, with fast 0.1-0.9 sec¹ recycle times and the ability to fire up to 170 full-power flashes in a continuous burst²
  • A high-performance LP-EL battery gives up to 335 full power flashes on a single charge and can be conveniently charged with a standard LC-E6 / LC-E6E battery charger
  • An accurate battery-charge level indicator⁴ tells you when you need to swap or recharge your power source
  • A redesigned menu system and intuitive joystick-style control make it simple to change settings, even when you’re under pressure
  • Flash Exposure memory combines the convenience of TTL Auto flash with consistency of manual flash mode
  • 24-200mm zoom head matches the coverage of light to the lens you’re using, plus a built in 14mm wide angle panel and the EL-1’s bounce head can point 120 degrees to the rear to help you bounce light off walls behind you
  • A dual-LED modelling lamp is built in to the EL-1, letting you predict where shadows and reflections will fall when you shoot a picture
  • Flash can be varied from full power to 1/8192 power⁵ for intricate controllability
  • Fire off-camera flash with a radio transmitter, optical flash trigger, or a camera mounted Speedlite. Multi-flash systems can comprise of up to 16 Speedlites in up to five groups
  • The EL-1 has a guide number of 60 m, letting you light up large groups and distant subjects with ease³
  • Optional CP-E4N battery pack reduces recycle times even further and boosts the number of flashes from a single charge
  • Weather resistant construction protects against dust and moisture, just as in our L-Series lenses, giving you the confidence to shoot in all conditions
  • Complete with protective soft case, mini stand, colour filters and bounce adaptor

The Chase - The Canon Speedlite EL-1

Description Quantity
Speedlite Case1
Mini Stand1
Mains Lead (for Battery Charger)1
USB Drive (Containing Manual)1
LC-E6E Battery Charger1
iM2100 Flight Case / Original Packaging1
SBA-EL Bounce Adapter1
SCF-ELOR1 Colour Filter1
SCF-ELOR2 Colour Filter1
LP-EL Battery Pack1
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